Sunday 4 November 2012

The Reliance House Datacentre - Work well underway

I'm pleased to announce that work on our second Newcastle upon Tyne datacentre facility 'Reliance House' is well under way. The facility is located within minutes of the city centre and benefits from improved security and connectivity options.

Over the past few weeks major civils works has taken place to bring connectivity to the site. The facility is located around 150 metres away from a major fibre route out of the Newcastle city centre, where numerous third-party providers have fibre (including C&W, Geo, Level3). We took the decision to employ directional drilling as opposed to trenching the 150 metres required to install a private duct back to our facility - this will be used by the providers to bring their fibre optic cables directly to our site.

The work was undertaken by a specialist firm and completed within a day, as opposed to the 4-5 days predicted for trenching the same run - with significantly less disruption. It was impressive to see the drill head appearing in the receive pit 150 metres away with pin-point accuracy!

Other work included on-site duct installation for BT Openreach, Virgin Media, and Northern Powergrid (who will supply utility power to the facility from the adjacent sub-station)

In the coming weeks work will be concentrating on the internal fit out with internal power distribution, fire suppression and flooring systems being installed.

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  1. Hello, I'm user of Wildcard Networks. From day 1, when I was under massive pressure to have a new cluster of servers online and running within a few days after being let down by another host; Wildcard had the cable in our cabinet and live before I even had a chance to put the servers in! Amazing service, not a single packet lost by wildcard and the cluster has been running for over 2months now. Seriously, these guys rock! many thanks!