Wednesday 25 February 2009

Why a blog?

It all started with a passing comment by Iain a few weeks ago.. Wildcard is undergoing some major changes in the coming months, centralising around the development of our NE5 Datacentre just outside of Newcastle.

The past few months for us have been tough, meeting after meeting, plan after plan, many sleepless nights, along with a lot of distraction.. but now we are finally begining to see things taking shape. I woke up at 6am on Monday (the day our contractors began the civil works) actually really excited that things had started (sad as it is!), but I think that's what business is about, getting excited, and seeing what you have achieved.

Anyway back on track, why a blog... We wanted some way of reflecting on what we are doing, mainly for our purposes, but also thought others may be interested. As things develop we will keep this blog up to date.

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